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Taking care of your future affairs helps to relieve the burden on family members and reduces financial hardship for families who lose a loved one. Remove the stress and emotional decisions on your family by purchasing Sureplan's affordable funeral cover for Australians. Arranging your future affairs is one of the most generous acts of compassion for your family.

Family Funeral Fund

Our original fund, this insurance has a reputation for delivering the best cover in Australia at one of the most affordable prices. Our policy has a number of significant benefits in comparison with other funeral covers in Australia: we accept age groups from 1 to 55 and the premiums you pay are fixed. You'll also be happy to know you can stop paying at age 60 even though the cover for Australians remains for life. These features identify why we have one of the highest reputations for providing quality funeral cover for Australians.

Adding Value to Your life

For over 75 years Sureplan has been providing funeral cover in Australia for thousands of families. In our experience, we find people need to organise their affairs so they can continue enjoying a stress free life. By applying for a competitively priced Sureplan funeral insurance or bond you'll have the secure knowledge your future wishes have been taken care of in a sensible way. This commitment ensures you help relieve your family's emotional stress at a very sensitive time.

Taking Financial Control

No one wants to leave their family in debt and with the burden of finding enough money for funeral cover in Australia. It can be difficult to find the money to cover the costs when the average expense is approx. $6000. One way of avoiding this expensive burden is using Sureplan’s affordable insurance which has many benefits. Our policies are designed to cover all ages; funeral insurance suitable for those between 1 and 55 and Sureplan Gold for the above 55s.

For those aged 55 and under it makes practical sense to begin a policy as early as possible, as the sooner you commence the less your premium will be and that premium is fixed in for the full term of the policy. Because of the low, fixed premiums you can save thousands by starting early.

Contact our Sureplan team for full details on how you can take advantage of our cost effective Family Fund and Gold Bond solutions.

Funeral Cover in Australia, the Sureplan Way

We have over 75 years’ experience in helping people work through their arrangements with dignity and professionalism. Our friendly staff can guide you through our available plans and match the best options for your lifestyle and wishes.

At Sureplan we offer two types of cover in Australia; Sureplan Family Funeral Fund and Sureplan Gold for our Over 55 clients. Both are carefully designed to give you the best benefits at the most affordable prices.

Sureplan Gold

At Sureplan we realise not everyone has the opportunity to pre-plan their funeral cover in Australia at an early age. Therefore, we offer the over 55s Sureplan Gold as a pre-paying solution with superior benefits. This bond is specifically for those who need funeral cover in Australia and can prepay by affordable monthly premiums or lump sums. Our clients know this is a sound and secure financial option, as we invest in low risk conservative “AA” and cash investments. As a mutual life insurer we don’t have to return dividends to any external shareholders, which ensure our members get the maximum benefits.

Transportation Costs

Sometimes death occurs some distance from home. This can cause not only a stressful situation, but also additional financial costs for transporting a body. At Sureplan we have designed an option to affordably get your loved one back home. We can assist with expenses up to $3000 for body transportation, providing death occurred more than 70 kilometres from home. A one-off payment of $250 ensures you have the comfort of knowing your loved one is carefully brought home.

Our Friendly, Reliable Team

Our team are can provide advice on any funding arrangement. This includes all questions about your application and general information about funeral cover in Australia. We can offer advice on all aspects of your funeral cover. Australians over the decades have entrusted Sureplan for providing their insurance needs at the most affordable prices. On advice of your death, we make sure your nominee and family are paid your benefit within 24 hours. This provides essential financial assistance at a time of grieving and helps to reduce the pressure on families. At Sureplan, we’re known for providing the best policies to thousands of satisfied Australians who need immediate financial help at an emotional time.

Sureplan provides essential funeral cover in Australia for families and individuals. Enquire online or contact our team on 1800 817 105 for our leading Family Funeral Fund or popular Gold Bond fund for the Over 55s.

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